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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've figured it all out. I want to be Amanda, the latest co-protagonist in the third novel of my "Midnight" series - Midnight in Brussels. I really do like Amanda. She has such determination and goes all out without ever looking back! She knows what she wants. I've been living in her head now for several months, and now she's in mine. I want to be her. I like her better than me.

This realization hit me last night as I was lying in bed dropping off to sleep. If ever there was a case of immersing one's self into a character, this is it. I don't mean she's all about me, it's just the opposite. Maybe that's the cause of my mood lately. I would rather be her. She's young, she's slim and tall with long blond hair, she's motivated and industrious, she's wise enough to know she must make herself happy before anybody else enters the equasion, and so on ....    She comes from a meager existence and downtrodden personna and becomes a blossoming young lady with enough drive to capture the world.  (Oh to be young again!

One of the stories in the newly released 2009 WOW Anthology - one written by Mike Dennis called Block - is of a writer's (the writer is one of the characters) fictional character becoming real and becoming a dangerous threat to the writer in the story. Very tantalizing writing and imagination on Mike's part.

But this feeling I'm having is that I'm morphing into the Amanda character myself. I want to go off to Belgium and live her life, not mine. How she pulled herself up by the bootstraps and created a world that most would die for is amazing. I know, her life is non-existent, is fictional. But darn it all, I'm finding myself living in her skin, having her feelings, visualizing the quaint shops and cafes, jumping over the hurdles, falling in love, etc.

Oh well!

I guess I'll just have to live it in my novels, so why not come join me?  Start with Midnight at Trafalgar Square, then on to Midnight at the Eiffel and very soon you'll be able to read Midnight in Brussels.

You know, I have to admit, my characters do steal from me. They use my thoughts and experiences and imagination, so there, Amanda! We're even-steven!


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