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Friday, September 17, 2010


I wonder ... what is the connection between music and the writer.  Is there a connection?  Have you noticed that many writers are musicians as well as painters?  It's all the arts, that's what it is.  There is a tremendous connection in my estimation. We're lumped in a pile of creative artists.  Now maybe we aren't as good at music as those who use music as their uppermost talent, but then those individuals aren't as good at writing as we are.  Or maybe we don't paint or draw as well as those who use that talent as their focus, but then they don't write as well as we do either.

Regardless ... it all works hand in hand.  I truly believe that.  Creativity is creativity.  And when we focus on one talent above another, it works, doesn't matter which talent. 

I've spent many years delving in music (singing and piano playing) to no avail, and have also spent many hours painting and selling the paintings, to no avail ... until I arrived at the point where I am today.  I've finally understood and realized that my calling is writing.  So all my focus is on writing (and publishing others).  That's who I am and where I want to be.  It's taken this long to realize that. 

So the singing and piano playing is for relaxation only, of course, for my own enjoyment ... heaven forbid anyone would ever hear any of it ... aside from my son and daughter in law (fellow Karaoke enthusiasts) ... and my paintings adorn my walls only these days.

But my writing ... now that is my prime reason for being.  I do take it seriously, it is my strength, and I do improve on it with each book, I would hope.

Interesting how it all has turned out ...


  1. I listen to music when I write Rebecca, but from a distance..//lol it relaxes me and I seem to concentrate better on the book// I also sing //


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