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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Whether you're writing period romances, historical fiction, or contemporary novels ... do you include the news and headlines of the day in your stories? For instance "Bin Laden is Dead"? Or do you focus only on your characters' stories, not the periphery real-life happenings in that time-frame?

In one of my novels, I did include the death of Princess Diana in a flashback, my character remembering where she was that week, which fit into my story, but in all honesty, I must say I haven't used any other current events in my novels. In my latest novel, I have used the Russian diamond industry vs DeBeers controversies, but it is part of my characters' story. It just happens that two of my major characters are involved in that industry. But what I've written is fiction. And I'm not giving my opinion or preaching about any of the above. As a fiction writer, you're walking a fine line. Keep it interesting and fresh for your readers. Write an essay if you want to drive home an opinion.

My thoughts are that including the visual of real places and settings is plenty to please the senses in the reality respect, and writing the feelings and thoughts of my characters provides glimpses into their personal surroundings. So I don't narrate and preach boring opinions of a political or newsy nature to my readers. People can read history books, newspapers and the Internet, and view TV news for all that. But I do write, like I said, what is going on in my characters' minds, which sometimes includes a bit of history, and I write what is happening to my characters. That is what fiction readers want to know. And it must relate to the story unfolding.

I read somewhere that "Fiction is much more effective when it poses questions than when it tries to provide answers."

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