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Thursday, June 23, 2011

'MIDNIGHT SALE' - Rachel O'Neill is on the road again!

Yes, it's a Midnight Sale! I mean, the novels, the Midnight Series staring Rachel O'Neill are on sale! She's going from city to city, finding purpose, romance, and adventure, oft times danger. She's meeting new people, handsome sexy men, making lifelong friends, a bit of mystery and suspense in the mix ... so jump in, come along for the ride. All for 99 cents per Kindle version. And if you want the trade paper copies, on my website you can also have all four novels for a very special price - that's for those of you who like to hold the physical book. And they're signed copies. Such a deal! Click on my website link to the right to buy them: Rebecca Buckley - Writer.

In celebration of the release of my new novel - MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW - this special pricing is for you. For a short time. At last #4 is out there! So exciting!

And by the way ... all my novels and books are available at Internet bookstores as well as your favorite local booksellers.

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