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Thursday, June 20, 2013


NO DAIRY NO SUGAR!  The eleventh commandment!  That's right, I've eliminated dairy and sugar from my diet. Did you know that in doing so those extra pounds that have accumulated will drop off without any extra effort?  Yes, 'tis true. I'm already seeing it happen and have been following this regimen, let me see ... this is the third day. 

Yesterday I talked on the phone with a writing partner, we partnered on a stage play CAFE DUSTYEFSKY, Don Dominguez of Manhattan Beach CA, and he said if I do this and stick with it and lose my weight, he'll try it too. He's 77 and like many of us in our 70s, we've allowed a few pounds to pack on. Now I know there are many of you who haven't gained weight, who are trim and slim and have been smart about preventing the fat attack.  But some of us haven't fought the battle as we should have done. SO ... here we are, now facing more difficulty in getting it off because our metabolism has slowed down due to inactivity and we eat the wrong damn foods to boot. 

NO MORE!  The key to eating right is our consumption of greens and fruits ... vegetables and fruits. Dark green vegetables are the best, whether raw as in salads, or slightly cooked. No canned foods. Absolutely NO CANNED FOODS.  I use my Magic Bullet to create my morning intake of fruits and veggies - usually blueberries, strawberries, apple, banana,squeezed orange, Kale or spinach, celery, and jicama.  That starts my day and is very filling.  I'm telling you it does the trick. And it gives you energy and aids your digestion of foods left over from the day before.  Your body is still trying to eliminate the  prior day's intake every morning. 

So eating a breakfast of all the crap we've been trained to eat since early age  - eggs, bacon, biscuits, sausage, gravy, yada yada yada - will stop the all important elimination process and cause the undigested food in our intestines to stay right where it is. It'll become sludge and stick to the intestinal wall and will become impacted, bringing toxicity to our bodies. That's how we get sick, that's how the toxins get into our bloodstream and attack our organs and the rest of our body, not only giving us gas and stealing our energy but causing all sorts of maladies and diseases. How we eat is how we feel. 

For instance: yesterday I made Borscht for dinner. All vegetables. It was delicious. Made up of beets, yellow onions, celery, carrots, leek, seasonings, lemon and apple vinegar.  The usual Borscht has potatoes and meat, but this one was strictly a veggie Borscht. It was tasty and filling, and there is plenty leftover to take care of a couple lunches.  Meat is to be used sparingly, by the way.  Beef once a week, fish no more than three times a week - Tilapia is the preferred fish, free of toxins. I prefer not to eat chicken, but I'm sure once a week would be alright.  We don't need meat for protein. It's in the vegetables.  Funny that we think we should eat beef for protein when cattle only eat grains and vegetables. lol lol  How come they don't eat meat for protein?  So why should we eat meat for protein? And did you know that we're the only country in the world that drinks milk for calcium after infant age?    

I've also plans to make mashed cauliflower (mashed potatoes substitute) and sweet potato 'fries' (not fried, but baked) for dinner one night this week, with a green salad.  The cauliflower will have coconut milk instead of dairy milk.  And of course no butter. I'm sure with the seasonings it will be very appetizing.  You know, it's worth it to get these ugly pounds off and keep them off. I'm to the point that I can withstand anything to accomplish that goal.  

Yesterday I had an open-face sandwich for lunch on a slice of gluten-free bread (yuk), a layer of Vegenaise (not bad), non-dairy cheese (double yuk) and sliced cucumbers.  It was hard to eat. The bread was awful. Brown rice gluten-free bread is absolutely tasteless.  So today I'll look for another one that might be better. That one is history. And the cheese was sooooo bad. I know I've had non-dairy cheese before that tasted better than that one.  This one was made of almonds.  So my search will include a different dairy-free cheese, since I can't fathom not having some kind of cheese. There are always options, I'm sure. 

Lucky for me ... I had already given up milk in my diet a few years ago.  Although I continued using it in baking and cooking, so I'm sure I won't miss it by substituting coconut milk instead. I don't foresee a problem there.  But ... butter I will miss.  Although I only have butter on my toast, yesterday I spread avocado on toast. Seems that's a good substitute for butter ... avocado.  Works for me.  

And I've been eating fruits and veggies for several years, so it's an easy transition to add more to my diet. The fruit/veggie drink in the mornings or fruit only in the mornings I've been doing for quite some time.  So that's easy.  

The biggies are NO DIARY, NO SUGAR.  I won't even begin to talk about sugar at this moment.  I'm still fighting that battle!  Big time!!!!!

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  1. Found that vegenaise works great for butter. Perfect. Used it on a baked potato for dinner, with seasonings.


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