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Monday, January 20, 2014


I've noticed a few comments lately on other 'friends' sites ... questions about to what extent an author should post to advertise their published works.  My feelings are ... as long as you intersperse with other posts of interest, not just always pushing a book in someone's face on a daily basis, then why not?  I mean, this is part of an author's marketing plan, to get the word out to as many contacts as the Internet will allow, at the least to belong to several social sites and messageboards (although I don't do messageboards). Publishers actually require that an author has visibility on social sites and blogs.

But, another good reason to be there is to cultivate friendships that you wouldn't ordinarily have the chance to form without the Internet. Think back to the time when you had only your phone (not cell phones) and snail mail.  To connect with other authors and readers you would have had to go to every writers conference you could afford, and that wouldn't have been easy $$$, still isn't.  So no way could you meet as many people as you do today online. No way could you keep up with family and friends from all over the world, see photos and what have you.

Now we can easily spread the word about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our hobbies, our work, our travel ... and find others with a similar quest in life.  We can even form friendships, lasting friendships, without ever meeting or greeting face to face.  But what is really neat is that you can eventually meet and greet most of your author friends and readers at conferences and book signings.  Now you can let them know when and where you'll be.  It's just incredible, that's what I think.

Talking about our books online can be beneficial in many many ways.  Not only the creating of interest, but the feedback is useful. So if we do it with a fair share of posting about other things in our lives, then it is A-okay in my book.  It isn't any worse than the 'friends' who continually post forwarded political messages, or copy and paste quotes and recipes and what have you ... nah. No worse than that.  It's always so simple to just scroll down on your timeline and skip what you don't want to read, easy as pie.  Complaining about it isn't necessary, for each person posts what they like to post. It's their prerogative, freedom of 'posting'?

Remember just as you wouldn't go see a movie you didn't want to see, or don't watch a TV program you don't like, you can skip the posts that annoy you.  Or as happens in some cases, you can 'unfriend' or delete if it bothers you that much.

Right?  Right!   Love you all ... happy posting!

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