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Friday, November 20, 2015


     On November 14, I strew the ashes of my late husband James David and his son James Lee's, as well as those of my own son James Barry.  It was an intimate gathering of friends and family that witnessed the ceremony led by Rev Jay Powell on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, a spot down the hill from our home where Jim and I used to take our lunch and sit on the bench to enjoy the environment.
      Now the fellas are free ... free to return to 'whence they came' ... and many of us will and are missing them so much.  Jim was 102, James Lee 65, James Barry 51.  
      My life is changing once again ... I've decisions to make in the next few days, decisions that will not cause too much upheaval if I can help it, but big changes nevertheless. And although my place of residence will change soon, I'm happy in the fact that I'm healthy and  I always have my constant mind and love for a life that is full of adventure and wonderment.  No complaints here. I roll with the tide ... see me out there rolling?  lol lol lol  

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