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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Another year past, another year ahead, one right after the other, non-stop . . . for me it’s been decades of those critters zooming past. Incredible!
2011 in Arizona turned out to be another jam-packed and exciting one for me: many firsts, some repeats.

My family heads up my update list: 1) oldest son relocated to Cedar Rapids for 18 months with his job assignment as construction superintendent, 2) youngest son is finishing up his 24-month assignment this month as construction superintendent in Flagstaff, 3) daughter is taking on the world as a single gal in San Diego while employed at home by an insurance company (she’s taking writing classes, wants to be a writer, imagine that). All three of my dear ones are happy and look forward to even brighter futures. Love it when that happens.

My younger sisters Mary and Martha and their respective husbands Matty and Len (San Joaquin Valley) are alive and kickin’ and enjoying their children and grandchildren. Martha heads the list with the most offspring - six kids and tons of grandkids. But I win with the most great-grand kids, neither Mary nor Martha have any. So I get the prize, whatever it is or is not. Martha and Len were here for Thanksgiving week, it was so much fun having them.

I’m thrilled that this year saw my seventh book published, which is exciting to me, whether anyone reads it or not. Just writing the books is a triumphant feat in itself for me. The feeling of seeing and holding my books in print is indescribable. And here I am at seven with four more in the works. Sales are good, and royalties provide a little pocket money for my travels and antiquing runs. So what more could I want? A best-seller maybe? You betcha!

Also this year, fate brought me a housemate, Trish Alden, who I’ve known for several years (Bakersfield and Cambria), and we’ve been remodeling this Queen Creek dwelling to accommodate the two of us, still more to be done. You know how women are, we always need more space. She’s a godsend in more ways than one, for on January 29th I was returning from my son’s home and collided with another vehicle, totaling mine and having to be air-lifted to the trauma center for repairs (me, not the car, it couldn’t be repaired). So now Trish and her car are temporarily transporting me till I’m brave enough to drive again, if ever. Giving that much thought. No rush.

Much of my excitement and gratification this past year has been due to another near impossible feat, publishing in 2011 and contracting to publish in 2012 another 15 books by my publishing company, R. J. Buckley Publishing. If you aren’t aware of the titles that are offered by RJBP, take a look on the website - . All books are available in print on and other Internet bookstores, as well as available to order at your favorite neighborhood booksellers. If you’re after an ebook, all RJBP titles are available on Kindle, Nook, Sony, and other digital ebook formats through So I hope you’ll be able to find some that catch your fancy in addition to mine. A N Y W A Y ... didn’t mean this to become a sales letter. It isn’t, actually . . . well . . . maybe just this one little paragraph . . .

Oh yes . . . made an 18-day trip to England in Oct/Nov, you know how I love England. Trish went with me this time. We spent a week in the seacoast town of Weymouth and the surrounding villages of Dorset, then spent a week in the charming fishing village of Port Isaac, Cornwall, while visiting nearby villages there. The last few days we were in London (had to buy another Harrods’s tote bag for my collection). If you’d like to see photos and read about the trip, try my travel blog: . One of my upcoming novels is set in Port Isaac.

These are just the highlights of 2011, and there is much more I could tell you, but I’m limiting this to one page so as not to take the chance of boring you too much and taking up more of your valuable time. Would love to hear from you ... drop me a note or an email or a post on Facebook or Twitter. You can always check the two websites above and the two below to see what’s happening.

So, you have a fabulous and prosperous Year 2012, okay?

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