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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yep, those who know me, those who have known me for several years if not most and all my life, know that I am in a space that is both satisfying and productive.  And I'm the first to agree that I am wanting nothing more than what I have or am.  Except a best-seller, yes, I would like a best-seller.

But in my personal life I am very happy.  Oh, every once in a while I think of the possibility of having a 'mate', not a mate in marriage, mind you, but someone or something more in my life.  Then when that possibility surfaces, I immediately do some quick back-treading and retreat into my cocoon, reminding myself once again that I am happy as I am. Some may call it being 'chicken', and that's probably more true than not, but nevertheless, it makes me wonder about whether or not I could ever open up my life to another man.

Of late one such 'would-be' candidate entered my realm unexpectedly through Facebook.  Now, mind you, Facebook isn't a dating venue for me, I use it as communication between me and other authors, publishers, producers, friends, and family.  I've never used it for dating, don't intend to, since I've not been interested in meeting up with anyone or starting another man/woman relationship. I've had enough as it is. But this particular man seemed interesting at first, he gave his credentials and, although unsolicited, went into depth somewhat about his professional and personal life.  The problem I have encountered here is that I am not sure I believe him, or if it is even his photograph.  I don't know why he singled me out, or if I've been singled out, for he could be writing the same generic notes to a multitude of women, if not at least three or four others.  I didn't give him my email address as he asked right away, and I certainly would never give him my phone number.

As any of my followers know, I haven't expressed the desire for a man/woman relationship with anyone on Facebook, in fact if he had read all my posts and my blogs and one or two of my novels, if he would have done his research, he would have discovered how I feel about committing or having another man in my life.

Well, after a few days of exchanging PMs (private messages on Facebook), I've decided it's a waste of my valuable time.  So, there we go.  It's over.  lol lol  

I believe that the only way I would become involved with another man is that he meet my requirements totally.  And those are:

1. He must be tall, at least 6' 2"
2. He must be manly, rugged, maybe cowboyish
3. He must adore me
4. He must at least read my novels
5. He must be a reader of other books so that we can have that in common
6. He must have his own money, and have interests to keep him busy
7. He must like to go to live music venues
8. He must like to eat out
9. He must love cats
10. He must like to watch movies
11. He must like to travel to other continents

And then there are the other attributes I would like him to have, but are not requirements:

11. play an instrument or like to sing
12. write books or want to write books
13. garden
14. drive
15. cook
16. be a conversationalist
17. love people

That's it, off the top of my head, I'm sure if I took the time I could think of some more.

Now if you know of a single man that fits any of the above, and he's over 70, please ask him to contact me and be able to prove that he is legit.  lol lol lol   I'm kidding of course.  No one is all of that.  I think I just listed my own attributes, with the exception of #1 and #2.  



  1. Damn, and here I've been planning on hitting on you. Course I do meet most of the requirments, (well, I'm 6' and not over 6'2") and once was quite manly. The rest of the things are a shoo in (except for the reading your books and having money, neither of which is me, although I have read quite a lot of your writing.) But then there's that pesky thing of me being quite happily married for the last 47 years. I don't know how we'd work around that. So, in spite of everything else, I think a lasting relationship is just not in the cards, other than being very good friends. Which I like to think we are. Good blog, btw.

  2. You are priceless, Don. And I happen to like your wife, too. So, yes, we are friends for life, regardless of our professional connection. And I have read your books, and like your writing style. So that's a given. Thank you so much for always paying attention. A woman likes that, even in friendship.

  3. I'm playing the song "If I Give my Heart to You", to the left, on the sidebar. Me singing. Funny how apropos it is today.

  4. When one was the right one, and you had a few decades together, why try someone else? I never could, after 57 years. Of course, it's not a worry when one is over 80 and still working out who to be after that loss!

  5. Oh, jlc, I can imagine how it would be if you loved someone and she passed away. Not good. I have not had that experience. It might be different if it had.


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