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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I finally did it!  

Yes, I gave in to my innermost wants and needs . . . it was a bloody fight with myself to the very end . . . a stand off that lasted longer than the others before it . . . my iPad will arrive on Monday. It's a done deal. It's ordered. I'm going white instead of black, both sons have black. I've already downloaded the manual and am studying it.  It's dangerous for me to have sleepless nights.  That's when all the damage is done. 

Now I'm finding myself browsing the iPhone styles, I'm due for a device upgrade on Verizon. I think a nice white iPhone would be a fine companion to my white iPad, don't you think?  My Kindle is white too. So I may be changing from Blackberry to iPhone. (Strange for me, I've always felt 'Black is it!' Had a license plate on one of my vehicles that expressed those words - BlkIsIt.  The SUV was black, of course.)

Now, my PC and notebook are not Apple, but I'll stick with them.  Have been a PC person since the '80s. Have been with AOL since the '80s, how about them apples? No not Apple. How about them oranges?  Another case of apples and oranges.

Do you know how many times I've heard "you should get an Apple computer, it's the best" and "why do you stick with AOL, it's more trouble than it's worth."    Well, I don't see it that way, my sweet little geek friends. I have used Apple computers, don't get me wrong, and yes they are great with graphics, and maybe I'll get one just for graphics to create RJBP bookcovers ... but again, I'm doing okay with my PC in that department already. Not to mention I love the apps that are compatible to my PC ... AND I'm comfortable with the operating system. As for AOL, well, I will argue till kingdom come, it is the best!  I use a few other email programs too, however, and AOL is by far the best, makes it easy to do everything I want to do.

Search enginesMozilla Firefox seems to do best with social networks, but still, it sometimes annoys me to no end, uses a bunch of space, the hard drive is always a workin' overtime. Internet Explorer used to be my favorite, but it isn't up to speed anymore, don't know why that is.  I have AOL browser, but unless you keep emptying the cache, it sometimes causes a problem in getting to the web page you want.  I even use Google Chrome at times, and it's okay.  Google and Yahoo work well, but I have to go through one of the aforementioned to get to them.  (I also use MapQuest and Google Earth to search for addresses.)

Oh yes ... WiFi ... great hi-tech invention!  Because of it,  I'm able to go to the Internet with my TV and the Logitech keyboard I purchased through satellite DishTV.  Love the ability to do that. Can watch NetFlix streaming, do web searches, email, whatever I want, same as I do on the computer.  And since my karaoke machine, mic and speakers are attached to my entertainment system, I can go to the karaoke web sites and sing to my heart's content.

Yep, I'm all set with my high tech stuff, I would say.  Now we know where my extra money goes, sure doesn't go on clothing, no siree! I'm sitting here naked. (just checking to see if anybody is reading this lol lol)
 So enough on devices, and because I'm left to my own today, I need to get back to work.

Ciao, my friends ...

Watch for MIDNIGHT IN MALIBU ... fifth in the "Rachel O'Neill" series, coming soon!


  1. I'm waiting to see what Microsoft's tablet is like. I've got a little Acer I take with me on trips and i does everything--but it takes awhile.

    I like my Blackberry because it takes emails off my PC and I don't have so many when I get back home.

  2. I've left Blackberry before and have gone back to it. I like it too. But I believe you can do the same with iPhone when it comes to email, etc. I use my Blackberry to read the emails too, easier if I'm away from the computer. Especially traveling. I probably didn't really need the iPad ... since my desktop, notebook and phone have all the bells and whistles, but that ol' gotta-have got hold of me. We'll see how much I use it when I get it, hopefully it'll be worth the purchase price.

  3. That was me above, answering.

  4. Love your blog, and your book looks very interesting. New to your site. Don't have a Blackberry. Did get a kindle this year and I am loving it. But some times I would still love to have the feel of a real book in my hands. I am not very techi.. as my daughter would tell you. She has to help me a lot, or at least I let her think so sometimes. lol. I have a book review blog and love to read and review. Leaving you my blog name below. Hope to see you there sometime. Who knows maybe I will get a Ipod next and we can share some laughs over me trying to use it.

    Blessing,s Rev. Kim Justice
    Breath Of Life

  5. Kim, I'll certainly visit your blog, and I'll add it to my list. Okay? I'm with you, I love to have the actual book in my hand. I only use my Kindle and now the iPad when I travel. At home I head for the bookshelf and read a real, live, paper book. I keep adding bookshelves around my house, running out of space.


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