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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Writing Today

Finally, I'm back into the swing of things writing-wise. After spending a few weeks fighting a terrific cold, etc., my mind is working again. Not that it stopped working, no chance, sometimes I wish it would stop working but it drones on and on. Actually, I'm learning how to stop that temporarily. Am reading a fabulous book called "Zerolimits" by Joe Vitale. Teachings of getting to that zero place in one's mind, clearing out all the old stuff, you know what I mean?

Anyway, I'm working on "Midnight in Brussels" again. I've moved the deadline for completion to June instead of March since I've three books to publish for others - doing design, formatting, editing, cover - which takes precedence right now. At least the beginnings of it all takes precedence, then I'll focus entirely upon my own novel and publish it before I publish the others.

I think another reason my mind is clearing up of late is the beautiful weather we're having here in Arizona. I mean to tell you, the buds and leaves are returning to the trees and plants, flowers are blooming, it's absolutely grand. My back garden is so lovely right now. Princie and Oreo love it, they get out there and play most of the day. I've created areas under the shrubbery where they can hide from each other, or sleep, whatever they want. It's fun to sit on my sofa in the bedroom and watch them.

Okay, Amanda Conroy, my protagonist in "Midnight in Brussels", is on the train from Brussels to Bruges. She's taking in the countryside which of course is a verbatim of my first trip to Bruges on the same train. She's feeling what I felt. Will be staying in the same B & B till she finds other lodgings, for she will be staying there longer than I did. Her thoughts are to live there permanently, so we'll see if she does as the book goes on. There's a lot of old "baggage" in the States, she may have to go back, who knows. And how can she live in Bruges? What will she do for a living?

I had those thoughts when I was there two years ago. Bruges would be a wonderful place to live. I wouldn't have the problem of wondering how to make a living, as Amanda does, however. My biggest concern would be my cats. But you know ... those cobblestone streets, the narrow passageways, the canals around and through the city, the medieval buildings and quaint houses flanking the canals, the fabulous cafes and shops ... it's all very inviting.

This past January while I was Brusssels, I again felt the familiar pull to that part of the world. In the Grand Place, near the Metropole Hotel where I stayed for 9 days, I would sit in the cafes and watch the hoards of tourists, and would patronize the shops along the narrow streets and alleyways leading to and surrounding the square, and I walked a lot, I always do that in Europe and the UK, never do it here. What is that?

I was in Brussels specifically for New Year's Eve, wanting to experience the event to write about it in my book, since my "Midnight" novels all have a New Year's Eve in a major city in them. Well, this time it didn't turn out as I had expected. But you'll have to wait and see, I ain't tellin'.

My roommate is leaving today for a couple days in Sedona AZ. She is eager to see the area and feel the spiritual vibes that most feel when they're there. Which reminds me, I need to look up and get the directions to a couple of places she wants to visit there. So, I'll sign off for now ...

Have a good one ...