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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few days ago, my roommate and I had decided we'd go out to the neat jazz club we found to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. So here we are, May 5th, and neither of us can pull ourselves away from our computers and our writing to get dressed and go. lol lol lol

Hey, I finished my third novel "Midnight in Brussels"! And I just sent the 2009 WOW Anthology off to the printer and am awaiting the proof. Feeling pretty good about it all, yes! More accomplishment, two more books to be released in June. Fabulous! Four more to be released in December (I'm R. J. Buckley Publishing, too).

Oh, something interesting, I just contacted the publisher of the first of my "Midnight" novels, asking if we can change the bookcover to match the novels that came after it? (I changed publishers after the first one - "Midnight at Trafalgar Square.") So, I'm hoping they'll come through for me, I've already designed the new cover and have it in PDF to send to them. Fingers crossed.

So, today, I'm going to plant some red roses I purchased yesterday ... adding to the lavendar, yellow, pink, and white roses I already have ... love those blossoms! And then I may go look at lawn edgers at Loews. I mean the grass has grown up so much that the sprinklers aren't effective. Got to so something about that. I called a lawn maintenance guy to come and give me a quote on taking care of my grass - it's just a patch, not very large - and he didn't show up. Probably figured it wasn't worth his time. So if I buy an edger and electric mower (have a push-mower at the moment), I should be able to do it myself, and it gets me outdoors away from the computer and all the brain work I do. I'm waaay to sedentary, you see.

Well, that's if for now ... will write more later.