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Thursday, June 23, 2016


Why do I feel Trump is the better choice?

To begin with ... I have read his books which cover his business acumen and value system pretty well. In addition I've done extensive reading and research about the man since he announced he was running for President, and have been a fan and follower of his for a long time - even before his television series hit the airwaves (loved the show, by the way ... revealed a lot about him. Those of you who watched it religiously know what I mean).  The man is an exceptional person and so is his family.

Sure he has his faults, he's human, but they are minuscule compared to faults of others. And he's "smart and rich" as he will be the first to say.  lol lol  I love his attitude and his humor.  Most don't get either, which is sad.  He really loves people and I believe all will see it one day, same as the rest of us who are voting for him.

I do want to get into more detail here, state specific points ... and will later.  I'll be back.  Suddenly I am feeling very sleepy, and no wonder ... it's Midnight.  Been a long day.  So, I'll finish this tomorrow.

Nite all ...