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Thursday, November 11, 2010

AUTHONOMY - Read and critique books online

This link - - will take you to a wonderful website that allows you not only the chance to give readers a sample of your novels, but you can exercise your own critiquing ability and pass along what you know about writing to those who are just beginning. And Hey! Isn't that what's it all about? To write your heart out and to share your knowledge with others as we all travel this road to writing success? That's how I feel, anyway. Takes a village.

So, on the Authonomy site, sponsored by HarperCollins Publishing by the way, you upload individual chapters of your novel in hopes that your work will get the attention and make it to the HarperCollins editors' desks. Now who wouldn't want to have their work read by one of HC's editors? You're nuts if you don't. And doing anything I can to get mine there is at the top of my list. That's for sure.

So. I've uploaded all four of my novels, even the work in progress (WIP) - Midnight in Moscow. And if you'd like to read what I've uploaded, you can do that. Just go to the above link and register. You don't even have to upload your books, you can join as a reader. So whether you've written a book or not, you can register and read and critique, if you'd like. And everytime someone puts me on their "bookshelf", my books move closer to being read by the editors. It's a popularity poll, interest being shown, positive critiques.

PLUS it's a great way to read the novels you don't have of mine. For instance, MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW. I know you haven't read any of that one, yet. So take a look. The others are there, too.

AND not only my books, but other novels that are mostly yet to be published ... what a way to learn your craft by reading the critiques the knowledgeable writers have given those less experienced. You'll be astounded at the number of books that are on that site, of ALL genres. Just take your pick, read them chapter by chapter.

Happy reading, guys!