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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yep, those who know me, those who have known me for several years if not most and all my life, know that I am in a space that is both satisfying and productive.  And I'm the first to agree that I am wanting nothing more than what I have or am.  Except a best-seller, yes, I would like a best-seller.

But in my personal life I am very happy.  Oh, every once in a while I think of the possibility of having a 'mate', not a mate in marriage, mind you, but someone or something more in my life.  Then when that possibility surfaces, I immediately do some quick back-treading and retreat into my cocoon, reminding myself once again that I am happy as I am. Some may call it being 'chicken', and that's probably more true than not, but nevertheless, it makes me wonder about whether or not I could ever open up my life to another man.

Of late one such 'would-be' candidate entered my realm unexpectedly through Facebook.  Now, mind you, Facebook isn't a dating venue for me, I use it as communication between me and other authors, publishers, producers, friends, and family.  I've never used it for dating, don't intend to, since I've not been interested in meeting up with anyone or starting another man/woman relationship. I've had enough as it is. But this particular man seemed interesting at first, he gave his credentials and, although unsolicited, went into depth somewhat about his professional and personal life.  The problem I have encountered here is that I am not sure I believe him, or if it is even his photograph.  I don't know why he singled me out, or if I've been singled out, for he could be writing the same generic notes to a multitude of women, if not at least three or four others.  I didn't give him my email address as he asked right away, and I certainly would never give him my phone number.

As any of my followers know, I haven't expressed the desire for a man/woman relationship with anyone on Facebook, in fact if he had read all my posts and my blogs and one or two of my novels, if he would have done his research, he would have discovered how I feel about committing or having another man in my life.

Well, after a few days of exchanging PMs (private messages on Facebook), I've decided it's a waste of my valuable time.  So, there we go.  It's over.  lol lol  

I believe that the only way I would become involved with another man is that he meet my requirements totally.  And those are:

1. He must be tall, at least 6' 2"
2. He must be manly, rugged, maybe cowboyish
3. He must adore me
4. He must at least read my novels
5. He must be a reader of other books so that we can have that in common
6. He must have his own money, and have interests to keep him busy
7. He must like to go to live music venues
8. He must like to eat out
9. He must love cats
10. He must like to watch movies
11. He must like to travel to other continents

And then there are the other attributes I would like him to have, but are not requirements:

11. play an instrument or like to sing
12. write books or want to write books
13. garden
14. drive
15. cook
16. be a conversationalist
17. love people

That's it, off the top of my head, I'm sure if I took the time I could think of some more.

Now if you know of a single man that fits any of the above, and he's over 70, please ask him to contact me and be able to prove that he is legit.  lol lol lol   I'm kidding of course.  No one is all of that.  I think I just listed my own attributes, with the exception of #1 and #2.  


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


"The Forest Laird" by Jack Whyte is up to his usual high standard of writing. This man knows exactly how to keep the reader's attention from the get-go. He's got you from the 'Author's Note' in the beginning through the 'Prologue' ... which I usually skip when reading a novel.  But I know better when it comes to Jack Whyte, I know there is much information in these forecasts at the beginning.

This novel is 782 pages ... right up there with the Ken Follett novels that I love so much.  As a matter of fact, there is a similarity in style between the two writers.  And they both love to write historical fiction, set in the early A.D. centuries in Britain, primarily.

The way Jack writes his characters you feel you know them inside and out.  Ken Kollett does it too in his 'Pillars of the Earth' and 'World without End' - my two favorites of his.

In 'The Forest Laird' the story of William Wallace, Scotland's heroic figure (who was depicted in the film 'Braveheart' written by Randall Wallace), begins with Wallace's tragic childhood and continues with his early education with the monks.  At age 18 he leaves the custody of the church and becomes a forester on his uncle's lands. And then his life as we know it began. It all began with a young woman.

Jack Whyte does not glorify or canonize Wallace, he tells a story of how it must have been in reality, from an idealistic and ambitious young man-child to a rampaging, violent, crusader.  Just as in his King Arthur series - telling the 'real' story as close as his research would allow.

I'll add more to this as I read the novel.  Just wanted to begin the journey tonight . . .  

Excerpt:  "The water was frigid, but the rushing coldness of it against my heated body was intense enough to dull the worst of the searing pain in my backside. I gritted my eight-year-old teeth and grimly set about washing away the evidence of my shame and the sin I had endured. I could hear Will splashing close by, and hear his muttered curses, for he ever had a blazing, blistering way with words. When I could feel that my legs and buttocks were clean again, I did a brave thing. I knelt in the stream, bending forward to splash water over my face and head and scrub at both until I felt they too must be clean." 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I finally did it!  

Yes, I gave in to my innermost wants and needs . . . it was a bloody fight with myself to the very end . . . a stand off that lasted longer than the others before it . . . my iPad will arrive on Monday. It's a done deal. It's ordered. I'm going white instead of black, both sons have black. I've already downloaded the manual and am studying it.  It's dangerous for me to have sleepless nights.  That's when all the damage is done. 

Now I'm finding myself browsing the iPhone styles, I'm due for a device upgrade on Verizon. I think a nice white iPhone would be a fine companion to my white iPad, don't you think?  My Kindle is white too. So I may be changing from Blackberry to iPhone. (Strange for me, I've always felt 'Black is it!' Had a license plate on one of my vehicles that expressed those words - BlkIsIt.  The SUV was black, of course.)

Now, my PC and notebook are not Apple, but I'll stick with them.  Have been a PC person since the '80s. Have been with AOL since the '80s, how about them apples? No not Apple. How about them oranges?  Another case of apples and oranges.

Do you know how many times I've heard "you should get an Apple computer, it's the best" and "why do you stick with AOL, it's more trouble than it's worth."    Well, I don't see it that way, my sweet little geek friends. I have used Apple computers, don't get me wrong, and yes they are great with graphics, and maybe I'll get one just for graphics to create RJBP bookcovers ... but again, I'm doing okay with my PC in that department already. Not to mention I love the apps that are compatible to my PC ... AND I'm comfortable with the operating system. As for AOL, well, I will argue till kingdom come, it is the best!  I use a few other email programs too, however, and AOL is by far the best, makes it easy to do everything I want to do.

Search enginesMozilla Firefox seems to do best with social networks, but still, it sometimes annoys me to no end, uses a bunch of space, the hard drive is always a workin' overtime. Internet Explorer used to be my favorite, but it isn't up to speed anymore, don't know why that is.  I have AOL browser, but unless you keep emptying the cache, it sometimes causes a problem in getting to the web page you want.  I even use Google Chrome at times, and it's okay.  Google and Yahoo work well, but I have to go through one of the aforementioned to get to them.  (I also use MapQuest and Google Earth to search for addresses.)

Oh yes ... WiFi ... great hi-tech invention!  Because of it,  I'm able to go to the Internet with my TV and the Logitech keyboard I purchased through satellite DishTV.  Love the ability to do that. Can watch NetFlix streaming, do web searches, email, whatever I want, same as I do on the computer.  And since my karaoke machine, mic and speakers are attached to my entertainment system, I can go to the karaoke web sites and sing to my heart's content.

Yep, I'm all set with my high tech stuff, I would say.  Now we know where my extra money goes, sure doesn't go on clothing, no siree! I'm sitting here naked. (just checking to see if anybody is reading this lol lol)
 So enough on devices, and because I'm left to my own today, I need to get back to work.

Ciao, my friends ...

Watch for MIDNIGHT IN MALIBU ... fifth in the "Rachel O'Neill" series, coming soon!