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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blogging from ipad

Wow, this is too cool. Great for traveling! Just checking out this new app on iPad for posting to my blogs. Perfect.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I'm sitting here wondering how far would I go in selecting subject matter for a book.  I have this overwhelming desire to write a book about perfect murders. Murders that haven't been committed.  Murders in my head that are fail proof - unsolvable.

So how many times have you visualized murdering someone, maybe not seriously, I hope, but in your fantasies?  I mean I can't be alone here, surely there are others who have had the thought. Maybe how you would get rid of a vile and abusive husband or a wife or a tyrant boss or whomever you're totally disgruntled with?  I mean it would have to be more than just disgruntled, murder isn't payment for disgruntlement.  It isn't payment for anything really.  Nothing warrants killing. It's best to just walk away no matter what the problem.

But on the other side of the coin, in your imaginations, you may have at one time or another visualized murdering your adversary.

Well, I'm contemplating writing a book about "Perfect Murders" (a working title) about how to commit the perfect murder. Several stories about just that.

The problem is, I wonder how it will be received.  I mean, I'm not a real murderer. Haven't done the deed and never will. I actually don't feel that way about anybody. I've reached a point in my life where I feel no animosity towards anyone. Not that I haven't felt animosity ever, for I have, in the old days, about husbands.  lol lol   But not now. I'm okay.  But still, there is that desire in me to write these stories.

Should I, or shouldn't I?  What if someone uses one of my plans, hopefully not! Oh, that would be horrible!  I can only hope that the book will be entertaining and not used as a guide book to committing murder and getting away with it.

Back to my book . . .

Monday, October 1, 2012

In Between Books ...

Well, here I am, in between books. Just submitted my latest novel MIDNIGHT IN MALIBU, and now I'm  feeling empty and restless, feeling like I should be writing something.  But what? 

In between books is not a good place to be, I'm thinking.  Usually it takes me quite some time to get focused on what to write next, to zero in on which of the works in progress, if any, or ideas that I'll take through to the next level. But this time, I'm really in a quandary 'cause I'm thinking I'll not do another 'Rachel O'Neill' novel right now. I think I need a break from it. Maybe do a completely different novel, not connected with the series. 

I've got two novel possibilities in the wings ... JESSICA and MAMA'S DIARIES.   

"Mama's Diaries" started out as a short story I wrote that received quite a bit of notice and comments.  I even read it on my radio show.  It's still there if you want to listen to it.  I love the story, and it could easily be turned into a novel, adding more to it.  There's room for a lot of great drama, romance, and conflict in it. One possibility. 

"Jessica" was slated to be next in line, but have been tossing up between adding it to the series or not. It could go either way.  It's set in North Carolina, Vegas, New York, and Port Isaac UK.  Quite a bit of adventure and excitement in it, no question. I believe the character Jessica could carry it without 'Rachel O'Neill' making an appearance. But then again, maybe Rachel could make a cameo appearance ... lol lol ... since Jessica will be in Cornwall where Rachel lives.  Yea! That would be fun.  In Port Isaac, sitting at the next table in a cafe,  something minor that only my fans and readers of the series would catch and recognize. Remember how Alfred Hitchcock would cameo in his films?  Well, I could do that with my character 'Rachel,'  I could. 

Actually, sometimes between novels I'll write a collection of short stories, or a play. As a matter of fact, I do have a collection that I've been working on.  Maybe I'll bring that book out next.  I call it 'The Other Side of Me'.  So that will be number four to add to the previous three: 'Love has a Price Tag', 'Bits & Pieces of Me', 'My Dramedy.'  Hey, that's a good idea! That's what I'll do.  Another collection of short stories. 

Okay ... so what stories will be in the book?  Let me see what I have that I haven't used in my other books.  

1.  Murder or Self Defense?
2.  Moving On
3.  Liars
4.  Out of Nowhere
5.  Jailbird
6.  I Saw It
7.  Falling Off the Edge

I've written or partially written the first five already.  The last two on the list, I haven't written yet.  So there we go.  My dilemma of 'what to write next' is solved.  

This has been a very therapeutic session tonite on my blog.  lol lol   Started out with just my thoughts of the let down after finishing a book and have ended up with a new focus and mission. Thank you, Rebecca.  Thank you, readers. HOORAY!!!!

So what do you do in between books?