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Friday, August 12, 2011


I ask myself quite often, what is it about love that fascinates me? Romantic love, that is. Yes, I'm all about romantic love. But I respect all types of love, I do - love for family and friends, love for animals, love for the world and other cultures, other peoples, all races and religions, all walks of life - but, I believe romantic love has always had me in its clutches. Romance me and I'm yours. (used to be my unspoken credo, lol lol, as it turned out) Not anymore, needless to say.

So why do I feel as I do? Why has male/female romance been the utmost priority in my life ... leading me hither and yon ... helter skelter ... off to this place and that ... to this adventure and to that one and then to the other?

If we truly believe 'everything happens for a reason' and 'everything comes gradually at its appointed hour' ... and I must say, this I do believe ... then I feel that the reason I have had countless romantic relationships and husbands and all that goes with them in my lifetime is twofold. One: to be able to feel compassion and empathize with my fellow women and men in such relationships, good or bad ... Two: to be able to write romantic novels knowledgeably and believeably. I'm not joking here, for without the experiences and life I've had, I do not see how I could possibly be writing the stories I write. The brain-bank in which I've stored all my memories, the loves and happiness, the heartbreak and tragedies, death and divorce, rape and addictions, abuse of all kinds, success and elation, overcoming insecurities and baggage ... it's all there, stored in the Becca Buckley Brain-Bank to be retrieved at any given moment. Then add a bit of imagination, fiction, technique and creativity ... and voila! I've written a story not only for my readers' enjoyment, but for their enlightenment too. At least that is my hope, that something positive will be gained from what I have to say. (I throw in quite a bit of travel too ... some neat stuff, exotic places maybe you haven't seen.)

And guess what? There have been bonuses for me through all the romance ... I have my children, and my friends that I've made along the way in all the locales my eight husbands and multitude of lovers took me, and the fabulous unending travel, the masses of work experience, and of course, the many survival techniques I've mastered. Yes, mastered. I could probably write a book about any or all the above. Just may do that.

So, what am I trying to say here? What's the point?

Well, in trying to figure out how I got to this point in my life ... writing books and publishing other authors' books ... it has occurred to me that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do since the day of my birth. It has taken me this long to get here, and ... everything has happened for a reason! Love and romance have deliberately played the most important roles in my life, upon which I capitalize, and I have no regrets.

I am as I should be. I am in a good place with a lot to say. And what better way to say it than through my stories.

Soooooo ... what I'm a gonna do is this ...

Starting Saturday, August 13, I'll be writing a series of blog posts entitled "The Story Behind the Story". First one will be about the third novel "Midnight in Brussels" ... what inspired it and the writing of it, including my two eventful trips to Belgium doing research. I'm thinking this might be helpful to new writers who aren't sure about how to get going, as well as those readers who might be curious about the 'real story.' lol lol I hope you'll follow along and I'll be eager to read your comments.

Meet you here tomorrow?

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