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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ha! Life has gotten in the way the past few days, hence my absence from my blog. But in a couple days I'll be back. Never fear, I'm still here!

After cleaning up the residue and downed trees from a violent storm that hit before this past weekend, I am in the middle of finalizing the edits of SNIPER by Tom Onstott. You will definitely want to read this exciting novel. It's really somthing. I'm loving it. Will be available on Amazon September 30 if not before. So be sure you buy it, folks. It's a page-turner. First novel published for Tom Onstott, although he's written nine. Next year we'll be publishing another of his too.
Here's a blurb of the book:

"Could it happen? In the aftermath of 9/11 fear and confusion created a country-wide cry for protection against another terrorist attack. The government responded by passing the Patriot Act and introducing a new agency, the Department of Homeland Security. These actions gave the Executive Branch powers not enjoyed since the Second World War.

Then it happened! An unwarranted phone tap sends an FBI team to the right address in the wrong town; the home of Master Sergeant James Simpson. When the smoke clears, six innocent people are dead including Simpson’s wife and child. After the people involved decide the truth would devastate the new government programs and bring to an end their own careers, a story is concocted sparking a massive manhunt."

It's another novel perfect for a movie. You'll see.

Okay, back to my writing experience next time ...

Ciao for now!

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  1. Rebecca my best wishes and greetings for you and your family


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