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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Story behind the Story - Part 4 - DELLA

Now in the fourth novel MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW we have Della Doheney, a flaming red-haired Irish lass (40, still single) from New York City and Oklahoma ... that's a combination for you. Makes for a very spirited character, which is the whole idea. I find that the character's background, just as in real life, is important in conveying his personality and general impressions to the readers.

This time I pulled her character strictly from my imagination, but of course using my experience as an independent publisher came in handy, plus the knowledge I have of big game hunters and Oklahoma oil and cattle barons. It all seemed to fit together in forming this nice little lady. lol

Della was born and raised in Oklahoma on a cattle ranch with a few oil wells thrown in - a typical mix for that strata in 'The Sooner State' (Sooner meaning early-birds in the race to claim Indian-Territory land). So what I was creating in Della would prepare her for what was to come in Russia, she couldn't be some delicate flower wimp. She needed to be fiesty, strong, able-bodied, experienced in self defense and handling of guns, etc., as well as feminine and appealing, for I had things planned for her. Making her the daughter of an award-winning big-game hunter and a cowgirl of sorts, a scholar, and later on a publisher in Manhattan ... well, I would say this gal can be one tough cookie. She has to be able to handle whatever comes her way in Russia or wherever. But it's Russia she chooses and it's Russia where she immediately falls for Valentin Ballanchine of Ballanchine Brothers - diamond and amber merchants.

Of course the 'publisher' link puts her right in line to connect with Rachel O'Neill who is a novelist and an American living in Cornwall and also traveling to Russia. Rachel plans to do research and reconnect with Maxim Ballanchine (Valentin's brother) who she'd met in Brussels the year before. See how the web is woven? lol lol

So there you go ... the secondary protagonist and cohort in the fourth novel - MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW - of the 'Rachel O'Neill' saga.


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