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Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's incredible how much time passes in the blink of an eye and how many thoughts inundate one's mind in a day's time. Most days I feel completely energized and sometimes overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in a good way though, in an exciting way, with all the joys of accomplishments, and the wonderful things each day brings.  Let me try and explain it better ...

Okay, it's like I'm on the brink or edge of something, almost like waiting for a race to begin, leaning forward at the starting line, my heart is pumping, my adrenalin is surging.  I feel joyous, and eager, and ready to go. This is all the time.   Crazy, huh?  No it isn't the beginnings of a heart attack. lol lol  It's how I feel most of the time, like something is driving me forward, continually.

And it isn't confined to the efforts of my writing, but of course it definitely affects it too, and the publishing, and the marketing, and so forth, everything business-wise benefits from my insatiable drive.  But it's part of my everyday life, too. I feel as if I've been wound up and am gaining momentum minute by minute.  Like I need to hurry because I'll run out of time. And no, I don't take drugs. Coffee, yes. Hey, maybe it's the coffee.  You think?  Nah.

I do have down times though, when all that energy is depleted, when I run out of steam, for you can't keep up that mental pace indefinitely. Usually I take a nap or just lie down for a bit, or watch a movie, watch the news, but then I'm up and back at it again. At night I'll read to give my body and mind a rest. But sometimes what I'm reading will spark a thought and there I go again.  Spinning round and round, where she goes, nobody knows . . .


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