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Monday, October 8, 2012


I'm sitting here wondering how far would I go in selecting subject matter for a book.  I have this overwhelming desire to write a book about perfect murders. Murders that haven't been committed.  Murders in my head that are fail proof - unsolvable.

So how many times have you visualized murdering someone, maybe not seriously, I hope, but in your fantasies?  I mean I can't be alone here, surely there are others who have had the thought. Maybe how you would get rid of a vile and abusive husband or a wife or a tyrant boss or whomever you're totally disgruntled with?  I mean it would have to be more than just disgruntled, murder isn't payment for disgruntlement.  It isn't payment for anything really.  Nothing warrants killing. It's best to just walk away no matter what the problem.

But on the other side of the coin, in your imaginations, you may have at one time or another visualized murdering your adversary.

Well, I'm contemplating writing a book about "Perfect Murders" (a working title) about how to commit the perfect murder. Several stories about just that.

The problem is, I wonder how it will be received.  I mean, I'm not a real murderer. Haven't done the deed and never will. I actually don't feel that way about anybody. I've reached a point in my life where I feel no animosity towards anyone. Not that I haven't felt animosity ever, for I have, in the old days, about husbands.  lol lol   But not now. I'm okay.  But still, there is that desire in me to write these stories.

Should I, or shouldn't I?  What if someone uses one of my plans, hopefully not! Oh, that would be horrible!  I can only hope that the book will be entertaining and not used as a guide book to committing murder and getting away with it.

Back to my book . . .

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