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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Is it me getting older, or is it the political parties' noise, or the colorful political candidates that have captured my attention this time around?  Am I now at the age of watching the news most of my TV viewing moments, like my father, uncles, and grandfathers used to do?  The women weren't all that interested, as I recall.  They were busy with the kids or households or neighbors or whatever.  I don't recall the women showing much interest in politics or sports as I was growing up.  And since it wasn't smeared all over the TV, well, it was just different then. However, late in life, my mother became very interested. She and daddy both liked Obama, even though they were Republican they voted for him first time around. So is it my time now to be more into it?  Have I reached that age?  So it seems.  Although, I'm not as interested in sports as mother became.

So ... I watched every minute of the 2016 Republican National Convention, but I find it a struggle to watch every minute of the DNC.  I am listening to the individual speeches, I am.  After the fact.  I don't watch the stuff between them, like I did with the RNC though. It isn't a secret that I'm for Trump, and I'm sure that has something to do with the lack of interest in the DNC. But I made a promise to myself to listen to what they have to say, no commenting or criticism, unless there's something worthy of reiteration.

As a Republican, I did vote for Bill when he was a candidate and Obama later on.  So you might say, I vote for the person, not the party. In listening to Bill Clinton's speech this time around, it was a bit on the light side, quickly delivered, a chronological rendering of Hilary's life with him, but done with humor in his beloved style. I wonder how he really feels ...  Was he caught up with all the indiscretions later on just because he was a man in a powerful position and had to have a few women on the side, as some men do?  Was he really in love with her, or did he see a political partner in her from the onstart?  All the while he was talking I was wondering about that.  How much of it was genuine.

Michele Obama's speech was the usual that she gives ... Beginning sentences with "see ..." So it appears she's speaking directly not reading ... Saying things that play on sympathies and pull the heartstrings.  She's pretty good at that. She knows how to speak. Both she and Obama are orators, and they'll make a mint on the speakers' circuit after they're out of office, just like the Clintons do now.  I wonder what is in the future for Michele, I sort of feel her political days aren't over.  I mean, they are staying in Washington, they aren't leaving. Gonna live in the East.  Hummmmm.

Again, I can't get as excited about the DNC offerings as much as I feel for the RNC.  Just isn't the same or better for me. Guess it's because I'm definitely on the Trump Train, still.  Tired of the same ol' same ol'.  It just might be better with Trump leading us.  We won't know till we try him out, and there are enough safe-guards if you're worried about some of the stuff the opposition seems to be afraid of.  I believe he'll do what has to be done to fix our economy and infrastructure, to prevent illegals crossing our borders, to eradicate ISIS, and to fix our trade agreements in our favor.  PLUS, the biggies ... Rebuild our military and our country's law enforcement.  Jobs and healthcare are on his agenda too, you can bet on that one.  

Talk to you later ....

Rebecca B.

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