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Monday, August 9, 2010

Holidays in Cape May & a Cook Book

One of the most charming Thanksgivings I ever had was in Philadelphia at Judy's home, followed by the weekend in Cape May at Susan's ... a beautiful Victorian B&B in one quaint seashore village I'll never forget.  Just take a look at the incredible B&B offerings in Cape May, New Jersey ... have you ever seen so many in one locale?  I mean they're all over the neighborhood bidding you to come in.  Here's a link to some of them:

After our delicious and grandiose Thanksgiving dinner in Philly, and Judy's APPLE PANCAKES the next day and also famous Philly cheese steaks that night, we all drove to Mainstay Inn in Cape May on Saturday.  Here's a link to the Mainstay Inn.   (Judy gave me the recipe to the yummy Apple Pancakes.)

Now I won't even try to delve into describing the elegant old-world decor of the Mainstay Inn, you can see some of it on the website, but you can bet I loved it as most of you know how much I love all that stuff, and I would go back there in a split second, I would, and I may.  A great place for the holidays. 

And since it was during the holidays the entire town was bedecked in yuletide glory, even a huge Christmas tree in the parlor of the Mainstay with all its Victorian ornaments and lights greeting us. While shopping in the village at one of the unique shops, I found an oversize glass ornament to give to my hosts as a thank you for their gracious hospitality.   Yes, there are tons of shops and boutiques there, too, some terrific restaurants, and even a community theatre.  On Saturday night we dined at the best Italian dinner house and went to the cozy theatre to see a Christmas play.  What a delightful evening!

Now one of the reasons I'm mentioning all this is there is a cook book on the market of favorite recipes from Cape May's Mainstay Inn. And since I'm all about books, I want to tell you about it. It's called "Breakfast at Nine, Tea at Four".  ISBN 978-1-8965110-8-5 .  Our hosts David and Susan McCrae gave me the book that was compiled and written by Sue Carroll, published by Callawind Publications, Inc, Montreal, Canada.

But first let me say that Cape May is known for its hundreds of restored Victorian houses that are National Historic Landmark designated, the Mainstay being one of them. The Mainstay was built in 1872. First it was a gentlemen's club, catered to gamblers and to gentlemen who wanted to smoke, drink and talk politics. For men only.  Next it was a summer residence of a wealthy Philladelphia family and went through a few more transistions before in 1976 it became the home of Tom and Sue Carroll - our cookbook author - and they converted it into an Inn, completely restoring it to its Victorian hay day.  Now the Inn belongs to Floridians David and Susan McCrae, my grandson Sam's aunt and uncle.

Okay ... the cook book ...

Now just take a look at this list of fruit dishes, you aren't going to believe this ...

Broiled Grapefruit
Hot Fruit Compote
Spiced Fruit Compote
Hot Cranberry-Apple Compote
Baked Bananas
Baked Pineapple
Banana-Pineapple Crisp
Speedy Cranberry Pears
Poached Apples
Poached Pears with Brandied Cranberries
Ginger-Glazed Fruit
Tropical Fruit with Mango Sauce
Frozen Fruit Cup
Fruit Kabobs
Fruit Pizza
Dreamsicle Oranges
Creamy Pineapple
Heavenly Bananas
Banana-Blueberry Delight
Minted Melon
St. Paddy's Day Fruit Medley
Peach and Vanilla Yogurt Parfait

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! These are but a few of Sue's favorite recipes that she would serve intermittenly over the years at the Inn.  Of course the above fruit list in its entirety is not on the menu every day, heavens no. That would be impossible.  But you will find some of them available when you're there.  And of course, the book is available with all the recipes.  Incredible recipes. 

There are also sections on:


This cookbook is putting me in the mood for the holidays, although I've been in the mood for a week or so now. In fact in preparing for the placement of my tall Christmas Tree, I moved furniture yesterday to accommodate it easily when the time comes. 

And I pulled out cookbooks, including this one, to select recipes I'm going to use for my Christmas guests from England while they're here that week.  The EASY MINIATURE CORN MUFFINS are definitely a must:  eggs, vegetable oil, can creamed corn, sour cream, flour, bacon bits, minced dried onion, grated cheddar cheese .... Yum Yum ... very unhealthy, but tasty.  And I already have the miniature muffin pan, so bring 'em on.   The muffins will be perfect to go along with my Christmas Eve Supper.   I love to do either a fish stew or beef stew on Christmas Eve with my own Christmas Salad.  Simple supper.

So you see, I'm already in the spirit, and fond memories of that holiday in Philly and Cape May a few years back have put me in the mood even more.

AND YES!  I'm writing a cookbook, too.  Yes, I am.   Quik Cook  is the working title, putting in all my own recipes and variances on my favorites. 

Have you or are you writing a cook book?  Have you published a cook book?  Who are some cook book publishers?  I've named one above for you ... it's in Canada and New York

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  1. My mistake, not only are the recipes in the cookbook, Sue's favorites, but are some of her guests favorites.


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