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Friday, August 6, 2010

Karaoke in Miami?

KARAOKE IN MIAMI! We’re not talkin’ Miami, Florida, folks. We’re talkin’ the other Miami.  The one in Arizona.

Now I know this post isn't about a book ... but this little town of Miami is in my novel MIDNIGHT IN BRUSSELS. So, you see, I was there doing research when I learned all this stuff. 

Located nearly 60 miles east of Phoenix is the copper mining town of Miami, established in the middle to late 1800s. Population 2000, Miami is situated in the Tonto National Forest between the town of Superior and the county seat, Globe. The area is generally referred to as Globe-Miami.

(By the way, Joe Castro, the jazz pianist and the actor Jack Elam were born in this remote Miami no where near the ocean.)

The downtown area consists mostly of boarded up buildings, shacks, and dozens of antique stores. Although a collector’s paradise, Miami is not a culinary haven. In the four-block-square original downtown area, you’ll find an art gallery coffee shop on Sullivan Street, and an outdoor bar crammed between two antique shops on Miami Avenue. Your dining choices are on the two-lane highway (I-60), either Judy’s Cook House nearer Globe, or the Mexican restaurants between Miami and Globe, and a couple of cafes in Globe.

But take heart! There is KARAOKE at the Shamrock Bar & Lounge in Miami - Thu/Fri/Sat. To make it to the Nashville Star annual competition is the dream of most Miami’s karaoke hopefuls. Others warble for fun, others just enjoy.

I love to find fun places to go.  Miami is now on my list.

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