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Friday, August 20, 2010


So, I have had an obsession with Queen Elizabeth the First, since I don't know when.  To begin with we share the same Virgo birthday. Secondly I have most of the books written about her and her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, as well as all the films made depicting them. To me both are the epitome of a misunderstood, caring, strong-willed woman. Both raised the bar on female intelligence during their time and as far as I'm concerned ... up to the present, barring none.

But it's Elizabeth that astounds and captivates me more.  For a long time during my youth, I felt I was Elizabeth incarnated. I don't know where that came from, call it idiotic wishing if you want, but I can't explain the feeling, it just appeared one day and has been in my mind ever since.  Call it my own childish desire, dreaming, or what have you. Nevertheless, it weighs on my mind. 

All my adult life I've been drawn to England and all it purports to be.  I've studied it, have traveled it, married an Englishman at one point, lived there, have written about it, have intentions of living there again one day - in Cornwall.  In fact all my novels are partially set in England, mostly in Cornwall.  Love British authors, British films, British mini-series. I'm sure my family and friends tire of hearing about it.

But what I've come to believe over the years is that I was there in a past life, maybe more than one, and most likely during the reign of Elizabeth I, which was 1558-1603.  My imagination runs wild at times as I wonder who I could have been.  Was I Elizabeth? (If I'm going to pick and choose, may as well shoot for the moon!)  Was I a lady of the court?  Was I a servant? Was I a man? A cook? A teacher?  Was I a paramour?  Well!  Now that's a fun thought, a paramour?

Regardless of who I was, reaching back to that time in my dreams, thoughts, study, and writing brings me closer to the revelation.  And in all of this, my urge to write the story has begun. 

Yes, I'm writing a half-and-half story, present day and Elizabethan.  Now how exciting is that?  


  1. I totally believe in reincarnation. Who knows, maybe you really were Queen Elizabeth I! Sometimes I wonder if I am the reincarnation of a WW2 era gypsy man because of a very odd dream I once had. :)

  2. Wow ... now that's something different. That would be a possibility to explore.

  3. There is a new novel historical novel that may interst you, it is titled the House of Cavendish - Outroads and is available on amazon. the novel tell of Bess of Hardwicks involment with Queen Elizabeth I and the Cavendish families imprisoment of Mary Queen of Scots for eighteen years. It tells of Arbella the princes with Tudor and Stuart blood. The plot goes on with a plot that embraces the restoration of the monarchy, the plque and the fire of London
    I don't know if its ethical to post this as I am the author but thought you may want to read it for additional material.
    Malcolm Brocklehurst

  4. Of course it's ethical to post information about your book, Malcolm. That's what this blog is all about ... talking about your books as well as mine. Love it! And I have just put "House of Cavendish" on my list at Amazon. Wonderful! Thank you so much!


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