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Friday, May 11, 2012


Early this morning I finished reading Dean Koontz's DARK RIVERS OF THE HEART.  Koontz never fails to surprise me, scare me, enlighten me, make me think. I thoroughly admire his writing talent.  Oh to be able to write like that! 

Koontz writes the sight, smell, touch and feeling of every moment and every situation.  Something all of us  need to heed as we write.  Very few do just that.

And while doing all this, he manages to drive an underlying pertinent message home. In this incredible, past-paced novel he writes about high-tech surveillance techniques, most already in place as we speak, others that are most likely on the horizon. He writes about our government's asset-forfeiture laws (are you abreast of these laws and how they can be devastating to an innocent party?), stressing his opinion of revoking those laws (I agree), and his criticism of Congress passing laws for the citizens of the USA, exempting members of Congress (again, I agree).  These points of contention are melded with Koontz's clever and horrifying storyline and three main characters in this novel - characters so different from one another, their own terrifying stories revealed. 

I loved this book, for many reasons.  Not to mention it grabbed me from the get-go and held me to the end. I couldn't wait to see how it all evolved in the closing chapters.

Writing at its best, none finer!

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